Difference Between Killing and Murder

Killing vs Murder

We often come across words like kill and murder in newspapers and TV to inform us about the demise of people in accidents and also about those who lose their lives because of an attack in a planned manner by other human beings. Though the end result is the same with the loss of human life in both a killing, as well as a murder, the law makes a difference between kill and murder while sentencing a culprit accused of murder. There is a difference between a man getting killed in an accident and a man getting murdered, and it is this difference that will be highlighted in this article.


Kill is a term that is used to denote death of human beings though it is also used for death of animals, as well. However, we shall confine ourselves to loss of human lives in this article. The word is broad and encompasses all instances of loss of human lives whether accidental, intentional or planned. A man may be killed in a car accident or he may be killed by another human being. If a man gets killed in a workplace because of ignorance or fault of another person, the accused is still charged with killing and not murder.


Murder is a term that is reserved for intentional killing of a human being. Any instance where the death of a human being is because of malicious intent and action of another person is referred to as a murder. Murderer either meticulously plans and then carries it out or hits another human being in a fit of rage. It is not necessary for a murder to be gruesome or violent as culprits can make it look like an accidental killing in some cases. The only instance where a murder is still a killing is where a soldier guns down another soldier in a war.

What is the difference between Killing and Murder?

• A murder is a killing of a human being that is planned and intentional, whereas killing is a generic term that is used more in accidental killing.

• Killing indicates loss of life and whether it is an accident or a natural disaster, loss of lives is referred to as killing of people.

• The most important distinction between a killing and murder is that of motivation and intent. A murder has the intent and is planned, whereas killing does not have intent.

• You can kill animals but in case of human beings, you murder them.

• When the loss of life is accidental, the term used is killing.

• Loss of lives because of natural disaster and epidemic is also killing.

• Soldiers kill, they do not murder in war.

• Murder is more serious than killing in the eyes of the law and, therefore, carries a harsher sentence.

  • Craig

    How do soldiers kill, but not murder in war? Thats bullshit, a picking an choosing what u want to accept, I dont lump killing an murder in the same category, u can intentionally kill someone with out it being murder in my opinion, Murder in my definition, is killing someone who didnt have to be killed or someone who posed no threat to your well being, if u killed someone who said they were gonna kill u an u knew them personally yes it would be wrong to kill them but this is REAL life, its about survival some would call it a murder but I would call it karma, u see both could meet karma at the same time the killer an the one who got killed, the killer could get caught or become distraught by not be able to handle what was dont an the one who got killed would no longer exist an learned the hard way an left an example for others of how not to die. And everybody who kills someone isnt mad or crazy, mass murderers fit into the murder category cause all their kills could be avoided. Bottom line if u threaten someones life be prepared to be threatened back or die, its only right, eye for an eye, if u kill somebody for something dumb like an argument its definitely murder, if a female attempts to cut off your penis an u kill her its not murder.

    Soldiers go into the murder category automatically in my opinion cause they are actually killing strangers on orders from old white guys in suits with archaic minds SMH.

    • john adams

      Typical liberal….when you don’t like the definition….just change it. Archaic minds—one who doesn’t agree with you. You do realize…people in this world have different opinions. Those old white guys have done pretty well so far in the US.