Difference Between Kiss and Smooch

Kiss vs Smooch

Everyone loves a little show of affection and love every now and then. There are different ways to do this. Kissing is just an example. This act is found to be known across cultures, and people all over the world kiss each other for various reasons. A close relative to kissing is smooching, but is there really a difference between kiss and smooch?


Technically, the act of kissing takes place when one presses his lips against another person’s lips. This kiss is usually associated with romanticism, and is mostly expected for two people sharing a kiss on the lips to be in a romantic relationship with each other. The lips to lips kiss is the most common kind of kiss, and it is actually what usually comes to mind when the word kiss is mentioned. However, there is a wide variety of other kinds of kisses aside from lip-kissing.

A kiss can also be done on other parts of a person or an object. When kissing another person, the part of the face or body where the kiss is planted has a huge say on the kind of relationship the two people share. It also represents the sentiments involved in the kiss. A kiss on the cheeks, for instance, can be a sign of affection between friends and relatives. It can also be a form of greeting in some other countries. There is also the good luck kiss, which can be on the lips or the cheeks of the individual who receives the wishes of luck. A kiss on the forehead is another sign of affection while a kissing an older person’s hands is a sign of respect in some Asian countries. In other parts of the globe, a kiss serves as a symbolic gesture or a major part of a ritual such as the kissing of the bride and groom during a wedding.


Smooching is not really located on the other part of the continuum when compared to kissing. It is best to say that a smooch is nothing more than a kind of kiss. While a kiss can be neutral and have no romantic or sensual connotations, a smooch is the type of kiss that has exactly that. Smooching, for one, takes longer compared to other types of kisses such as the peck on the cheek or lips and the smack. Described as an enthusiastic kiss, smooching involves a good part of the mouth, making it a close relative of the highly known French kiss. Smooching is limited to the lips. It can be done only between lips, making it stand out over the regular kiss which can be on any other parts of the body. Smooching, generally, involves the activity of two individuals’ lips. Although a smooch can be gentle and sensual, it can also be wild and exciting.

Difference between Kiss and Smooch

Smooch is a kind of kiss.

Smooch is limited to the lips whereas kiss can be on other parts too.

Smooch lasts longer than other types of kisses.

A kiss can be neutral and have no romantic or sensual connotations but a smooch is always associated with romance.

Although there is not a lot of difference between kiss and smooch, it might be smart to know the delineation between the two to avoid getting misinterpreted. It is easy to use one term when referring to the other, and that can result to a problem.