Difference Between KJV and NIV and TNIV


There are many different versions of bible available for someone who is a follower of the faith, but not all of these versions are equal in all respects. This is because different versions are a result of works of different groups of scholars who have different approaches towards important concepts of Christianity and the Jesus himself. Three of the most popular versions of the bible are KJV, NIV, and TNIV. This article aims to compare these versions to enable readers of their differences.


This is the version of the holy bible that is considered the Authorized Version or the King James Version in the country. The translation of the bible in English began in 1604 and continued till 1611. This was the third official translation of the bible that was initiated because of the problems perceived by scholars that belonged to the Protestant groups within the Christian Church in the earlier two translations.


NIV stands for the New International Version, and it happens to be a translation of the holy bible. The publisher of this version of the bible is Biblica that grants the rights to separate firms in US and UK. This version of the bible was introduced in 1970, and it got updated two years ago. The job for NIV was handed over to the New York Bible Society in 1965. This society that is now known as Biblica translated the bible and released it in 1973.


The same committee that did the work on translation of bible in NIV produced the TNIV that is an acronym that stands for Today’s New International Version. Thus, most of the TNIV is basically the same as NIV. It was introduced in 2002. While the publisher of the TNIV is Biblica, the commercial right to print this version by the company has been given to two different firms for UK and US.


• NIV happens to be the best selling version of the holy bible around the world.

• KJV is considered by many to be the most faithful version as it is a word by word translation of the original bible.

• NIV is a phrase by phrase translation of the bible.

• TNIV is the work of the same Committee on Bible Translation that produced NIV.