Difference Between Komondor and Puli

Komondor vs Puli | Komondor dogs vs Puli dogs

Komondor and Puli dogs are very popular and expensive dog breeds with a unique coat of fur. However, there are some important differences between these very similar looking dogs with regard to available colours, size variations, and fur properties, and this article talks the particulars of those distinctions.

Komondor Dog

This is a large bodied dog breed with a white colour coat. They originated in Hungary and developed as a guarding dog for livestock. Sometimes Komondors are known as mop dogs, because of the appearance of their coat. The coat is long, thick, and strikingly corded; length of their hairs could exceed 25 centimetres mostly. The mature rough outer coat and the smooth inner coat combine to form tassels. This heavy, matted, and corded coat covers their muscular body. Additionally, body is heavy with long legs and a short back. The length of the body appears slightly longer than the height. However, they are taller than 75 centimetres at withers, and their weight ranges from 40 to 60 kilograms. They have a broad head with black coloured nose and mouth. Komondor dogs are calm and steady when the environment is normal, but they attack fearlessly in a disturbed situation. However, their most prominent feature, their characteristic thick coat causes many problems to them viz. ear and eye infections, parasitic infections, and gait problems as the coat covers their ears, eyes, and paws. Therefore, proper maintenance of the coat and necessary trimming is very important on Komondor dogs.

Puli Dog

Puli is a medium to small sized dog breed that originated in Hungary. Dog breeders developed this breed for herding and guarding of livestock. They have a long characteristically corded coat with tight curls, which has made them waterproof. This is a solid coloured breed and their usual colour is black, with some colours (cream, white, and grey) are not very common among Pulik (plural of Puli). Usually, an adult male is slightly larger than a female. The height at withers of the male is about 37 to 44 centimetres and the weight is about 10 to 11 kilograms. These are very intelligent dogs and easy to train. Additionally, Pulik are acrobatic dogs with a very speedy run. However, with aging, their hair ropes could grow long and they can even touch the floor if not maintained properly. Therefore, they need grooming to keep the hair cords clean. Despite the beauty of their coat brings the attention to them, they also face the same problems as the Komondor dogs do face with infections in ear, eye, and paws.

What is the difference between a Puli and a Komondor?

· The main difference between Komondor and Puli dogs is their size. Komondor is a large breed and Puli is a small to medium sized breed.

· Because of the sizes, the weights are also very high in Komondor dogs among many other dog breeds as well.

· Komondor has more coarse hair compared to the Puli.

· Pulik dogs are usually black, but Komondor dogs come in different colours.

· Komondor dogs develop their mentality very slowly and their training starts after three years of age, whereas Pulik are more obedient and agile.