Difference Between Labradoodle and Goldendoodle

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle

Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are two of the popular dog types that have not been granted the standards of dog breeds by the major kennel clubs in the world. However, their importance has been proved highly for the people, especially as guide dogs. Poodles are one of the ancestors of both labradoodle and goldendoodle, but the other precursors are different for the two.


Labradoodle is a crossed dog breed that resulted from the crossbreeding of between Labrador retriever and standard or miniature poodle. Not only their name depicts the ancestors, but also the appearance of these dogs does resemble both poodles as well as Labradors. The first documented evidence about a labradoodle could be traced back to 1955 as Sir Donald Campbell wrote about them in his book known as Into the Water Barrier. The general appearance of this dog resembles a poodle with a genuine Labrador face.

Labradoodle’s coat of fur is mainly poodle-like with wavy or curly hairs, but they could also have straight hairs depending on the expressed phenotypes of the parental genes. In addition, their hairs could be wiry or soft, as well. Furthermore, they do not shed as much as poodles would, which is interesting to notice as it causes less problems for the owners. It would be important to notice that the odour of labradoodles is comparatively low from that of the Labradors. They love the water as they are inherited with strong swimming capabilities.

The playful, friendly, and energetic approaches towards children and others make labradoodles lovable and adorable pets. Additionally, the convenience of training due to the high intelligence has been another attractive characteristic of labradoodles.


Goldendoodle is a crossbreed of two of the most popular dog breeds, Golden retriever and standard poodle. Goldendoodles have been started to develop in the 1990s, with the interest of creating a guide dog for the blind and deaf people. In addition, goldendoodles have proven their importance as dogs without allergens.

Goldendoodle’s general appearance is variable within individuals due to the inconsistency of inheritance from the parental gene pools. As an example, the size of a goldenpoodle could be either miniature, standard, or medium; hence, the weights could be ranging in three different values such as 15 – 30 pounds for miniatures, 30 – 45 pounds for standards, and 45 – 75 pounds for mediums. However, there may be tall and stocky goldendoodles with weights exceeding those ranges. Despite the fact that goldendoodles can have variable characteristics, most of them are inherited with the golden retriever bump on the head. Therefore, their anterior appearance resembles a golden retriever, but the body mostly look like a poodle. The coat could be composed of either long golden hairs or curly poodle hairs. The coat colouration could be variable with white, cream, apricot, and red colours being present in different tinges. One of the most important characteristics of goldenpoodles is their great healthiness, except for few hinges.

Labradoodle vs Goldendoodle

• Labradoodles were developed much earlier than the goldendoodles.

• Poodle is a common ancestor for the both crossbreeds, but goldendoodle was developed from Golden retrievers and Labrador retriever parented for labradoodles.

• Labradoodles are available in more colourations than goldendoodles.

• Goldendoodles is healthier than labradoodles.