Difference Between Labrador and Golden Retriever

Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Labrador and Golden Retrievers are two dog breeds that are extremely popular in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. These dogs are best loved dogs in the country and though bred as hunting dogs, they have become a part of family life for millions across the country. Labs, as Labradors are fondly called, and Goldies, as Golden Retrievers are referred to, are similar in appearance and are very friendly and loyal breeds. People are often confused between these two breeds. This article will explain the differences between these two breeds to help people choose one of the two breeds depending upon their requirements.

Build of Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Goldies are heavier than Labs when it comes to average weight. Grown up Golden Retrievers can weigh between 55-75 pounds whereas Labs can weigh as much as 100 pounds. This is why Goldies are not so energetic when compared with Labs. Lower activity levels make Goldies become overweight. Labs have a slightly different bone structure and are slightly taller than Goldies. As they have a slightly higher average muscle mass, Labs tend to have an athletic built as compared to Goldies.

Coat type and color of Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Labs have a coat made up of two layers. They have a thick and soft under layer that provides protection against variations in temperature. The outer layer is soft and oily which is also water resistant. On the other hand, Goldies have a single coat that is thick and furry which is not water resistant.

The fur of Golden Retrievers is dark to light golden in color whereas Labs have different colors of coats ranging from black to chocolate. One can even found Labs with charcoal, silver and grey coats. Sometimes there are spots or stripes on both Goldies and Labs.

Energy level of Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Both Labs and Goldies are very energetic dogs having been bred as hunting dogs. However, Labs tend to score over Goldies in terms of activity levels. Because of their athletic build, Labs have a better energetic temperament than Goldies.

Attitude of Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Both Goldies and Labs are fun loving, friendly dogs. But Goldies tend to be more relaxed whereas Labs are more active and enthusiastic in nature. Labs may become hyper active while Goldies are more laid back in nature.

Grooming of Labrador vs Golden Retriever

Both Goldies and Labs tend to shed their hair. But because of thick fur, more grooming may be required for Goldies. Labs, with their water resistant coats need only shampooing in 15 days while you may be required to clear tangles in your Goldies fur every now and then. Oiling of coat of Goldies is also required which is not necessary in case of Labs.