Difference Between Lady and Girl

Lady vs Girl

Girl, lady, woman etc. are terms used to refer to the same female human being depending upon the presence or lack of certain characteristics. In general, a female child is referred to as a girl while someone who is adult or mature is referred to as a woman. However, there are many find it confusing and do not know whether to call a female a girl or a woman so as not to offend her. This article takes a closer look at the two terms to come up with differences.


Girl is a term that is used for a female child. For example, we tell others we have a girl and a boy as our kids. It is then used as a synonym for daughter. Girl is a common phrase used by doctors and nurses to inform parents about the sex of the newborn. Female friends are all referred to as girlfriends, but there are also people who say she is my girl to refer to their girlfriend. Girl is also a term that can be used in a derogatory manner when describing someone’s abilities as girlish.


It is common for people to refer to adult females as ladies or women. Lady is also believed or considered to be a polite term to refer to a female. For example, it is better to refer a female as a lady when you do not know her personally. Lady is also used when the person in question has a strong character as when labeling someone as a tough lady. When making a formal address, using ladies and gentlemen is very common. When greeting a woman, lady is the term that is used as in good morning lady. Sometimes, little lady is a term that is used to address to a young girl to show her respect.

What is the difference between Lady and Girl?

• Girl is a word that is more appropriate for a childish woman.

• Female child is always referred as a girl.

• Once a female is an adult, it is better to refer to her as a lady, to show respect.

• A girl is all the time learning while a lady knows.

• Boys are often chided for girlish behavior while a lady like behavior is respected.

• Some women prefer to be called girls as the term reminds them that they are still young.

• When we refer to a group of women as girls, we do so as we find their behavior childish and immature.

• A lady is a woman who has finesse, is calm and mature, and appears knowledgeable.

• A lady commands more respect from men folk around than a girl.

• Boys look for girls, whereas a settled man is in search of a perfect lady for himself.

• Girls think and act like a child, and all that they want is fun, whereas a lady is dignified, has ambitions and looks for respect for her.