Difference Between Lakeland Terrier and Welsh Terrier

Lakeland Terrier vs Welsh Terrier

Lakelands and welshies are terrier dogs with very close resemblance that can easily lead anyone except a trained professional to misidentify one as the other. Their overall body shape, small tail, coat texture, and many others are similar except for few characteristics. Those important characteristics are discussed in this article.

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland terrier is a small to medium size dog breed developed from the Fell Terriers around the 18th century in the United Kingdom, the Lake District of England. This terrier family member ideally weighs 15 – 17 pounds, which is 7 – 8 in kilograms. With a much similar appearance to the Welsh terrier and the Airedale, Lakeland terrier has a sturdy and compact body that feature a strong companion dog. The narrow chest and large head could be comparatively used to identify this breed from the other resembling terrier breeds. As per the breed standards of these dogs, the accepted height range is 33 – 38 centimetres at the withers. They come in a variety of colourations including black, red, liver, grizzle, wheaten, black and tan, and few other patterns. Their fur coat is composed of two layers, where the outer layer is bushy and wiry while the inner coat is soft. Their eyes are small, dark coloured, and oval-shaped; but the liver colour Lakeland terriers have slightly light-coloured eyes.

The temperament of the Lakeland terriers is intelligent and independent. It would also be important to state their lack of shyness, which makes it a friendly dog. Since they are highly energetic dogs, regular exercise or playtimes are essential.

Welsh Terrier

Welsh terrier is a dog breed developed to hunt fox, rodents, and badgers in Wales. However, the modern Welsh terriers are barely used in hunting, but their usefulness in the dog shows is high. Welsh terriers are synonymously known as WT or Welshies. Their slightly broad chest and the high-held head with the brick-like face on the considerably long neck make them identifiable among other terrier family members. Welsh terriers ideally weigh around 9 – 10 kilograms, while their range of accepted height could go up to 39 centimetres. Their rough and wiry coat is always black while they are young, but the standard black and tan grizzle colouration is developed with age.

Welshies are friendly dogs with both humans and other dogs, yet their fearless nature could be provoked with a serious challenge. However, it should not be branded as an attacking dog breed. Welsh terriers have not been very easy to train, as their obedience is slightly less than other terrier family members. However, the well-trained Welsh terriers are as happy as other intelligent and obedient dog breeds.

Lakeland Terrier vs Welsh Terrier

• Welsh Terrier is slightly larger than the Lakeland terrier with the weight and height.

• Welsh terrier is available in only one colouration, whereas Lakeland terrier is available in many colourations.

• The chest is slightly narrower in Lakelands than in Welsh terriers.

• Lakelands have a slightly long neck compared to the Welsh terriers.

• Lakelands are more friendly and intelligent than the Welsh terriers.

• Lakeland terrier is easier to train than the Welsh terrier.

• Lakeland terrier was originated in England while Welsh terrier was originated in Wales.