Difference Between Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer

Landscape Architect vs Landscape Designer

Have you ever wondered at the beauty and planning of the outdoors that are specially created by human beings in the shape of amusement parks, recreational areas, and other structures? It is, in fact, almost mesmerizing and nothing short of wizardry to convert a barren piece of land into a stunning structure or facility. This is the job that is carried out by a landscape architect who draws and redraws diagrams on paper with a pencil to come up with a plan that is finally converted into reality. There is another related term landscape designer that confuses and make many wonder whether there is any difference between the two professionals.

Landscape Architect

Planning and designing of a landscape is done by a professional who is known as a landscape architect. The land areas chosen are handed over to these professionals who plan and design as per the requirements and specifications of the builders, to come up with their designs whether they are required to develop recreational parks, malls, airports, or even highways. While most of the time of a landscape architect is spent inside air conditioned offices where they keep on drawing the projects on papers, they do visit the site that needs to be developed from time to time. Landscape architects either work for a construction firm or work as a full time professional. Their services are available right from initial consultation till the end of construction of the project.

To become a landscape architect, there are different requirements in different states. While passing a four year degree course is sufficient in the state of Vermont, the state of Arizona requires four years of work experience, in addition to passing a licensing exam, to be able to call oneself a landscape architect. There have been few cases where a person has become a landscape architect without any formal education, but he had to pass the licensing exam after several years of work experience.

Landscape Designer

It is common to see people calling themselves landscape designers while performing the same duties as a landscape architect. This is because it is required by law, to have the educational degree or licensing exam certificate to be working as a landscape architect. A person, not registered with the state authorities as a landscape architect, can still perform the roles and responsibilities of a landscape architect though he is now labeled a landscape designer. There are no requirements of education and formal training in the case of a landscape designer.

What is the difference between Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer?

• There is not a great deal of difference between a landscape architect and a landscape designer. If any, the difference pertains to formal education, training, and work experience.

• A landscape architect is a professional who has completed a four year degree course and also holds a licensing certificate from the authority concerned in his state.

On the other hand, an individual, not having the license and educational requirements for the job, is labeled as a landscape designer.