Difference Between Laptop and Notebook

Laptop vs Notebook

 Is there any difference between a Laptop and a Notebook nowadays? I would say no. Nowadays the two terms

Notebook and Laptop

Laptop and notebook are used interchangeably. Both terms refer to mobile computer. Regardless of its configuration or specification any portable computer is instantly called either as a notebook or laptop.

But during the introduction of these products notebook computer was designed as a small compact portable computer smaller than a laptop model with limited functional capability and a small keyboard. It was mainly designed as a planner. It didn’t have any internal drives and was a very low profile computer.

Later it was incorporated with additional functionality such as the integrated modem and network connection.

Laptop computer was designed as a portable computer small enough to keep in your lap and work or a personal computer that can easily be carried by hand. It had most of the functional capability and power of a desk top computer. It also accommodated a full featured large keyboard.

In the conventional design, the main purpose was mobility. Therefore the notebook computer was ultra-light and ultra-thin; often the size was close to A4 size notebook.

Laptop computers are little larger in size than a notebook computers and some had built-in disk drive units or removable CD/DVD ROM drive. Notebook had slots to connect to external drives.

With the advancement of technology the notebook computer evolved in design and features and it also incorporated also the features of a laptop, while maintaining its miniature feature. And now the two terms are used interchangeably.

Now, there is no hard-fast rule in the naming, it depends on the manufactures, some call their mobile computers “laptops” and some call them “notebooks”. Later another breed from the same family was introduced to the market, called “Tablet PC.”

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