Difference Between Latino and Mexican

Latino vs Mexican

Mexico is a Latin American country, which implies that all Mexicans automatically qualify to be called Latinos as this is a term that has been coined by authorities to refer to all Americans having Latin American origins. Though, there are similarities between these terms that refer to the ethnicity of a person, there are differences that will be discussed in this article.

While Mexican is a straight forward term that includes all those belonging to Mexico, whether or not living at present in any other country, Latino is an umbrella word, a demonym, that refers to all Latin American people or those who are Spanish speaking. It is common to refer to an actor, dancer, and scientist or for that matter a person involved in any profession and having a Latin descent as Latino which is like a differentiating tag, a tag that tells at fist sight that the person is not a native and has a Latin American descent. If the person is a female, the word used to describe her is Latina. Though, not derogatory in meaning, this tag is despised by those living in US as they feel they are more American today than those having a native ancestry.


Latinoamericano is a word in Spanish language that is used to refer to an ethnic group that comes from a Latin American continent and speaks a language that has Latin roots. Mexico, being in Latin American continent qualifies as a Latin country and hence all Mexicans are Latinos. It is like asking the difference between French and Europeans. France is in Europe and all French people are Europeans. Similarly Mexico in Latin America and all Mexicans are Latinos. But the converse of the statement cannot be true as lationos is a broader term that encompasses all those who have a Latin American origin or those who speak Spanish language.