Difference Between Latte and Cappuccino

Latte vs Cappuccino

Have you lately been to Barista coffee shop and wondered what could the difference between latte and cappuccino be? When you take a glance at the names of items on the menu card, you may think they are all alien sounding having nothing to do with what you have come in to drink. But believe me, these names describe variations of your favorite beverage, coffee, in tastes that differ from each other drastically. Two such names are latte and cappuccino that confuse many as despite having almost similar ingredients, latte tastes differently from cappuccino. Let us find out the differences between latte and cappuccino. First, remember that both latte and cappuccino are beverages made of espresso and milk. The difference lies in proportions of ingredients.

What is Latte?

Latte is a coffee variant that is prepared using espresso and milk. In other words, a Latte is nothing but an espresso and steamed milk served with a small layer of milk froth on top. Latte is 1/4th espresso and three times more milk with a topping of milk foam. As a result, a latte is milder and milkier. Steamed milk is used in the preparation of latte. Also, in a latte, the aim is not froth, but just steam; therefore, any milk can be used to prepare a latte. To make latte, steamed milk and espresso are poured together into a cup. When a trained barista (it is the name of the coffee server) pours latte from a jug, he creates artwork on the top of your latte, which looks really mesmerizing.

Being Italian in origin, Latte is different from black coffee, which is prepared without milk. Milk is called latte in Italian, and it is thus, espresso mixed with milk. In fact, it would be better to call latte ‘café latte’, as it is a mixture of coffee and milk. Adding froth of milk on top of that results in a good cup of latte. Some experienced baristas know how to make fancy designs over latte with the help of frothed milk. There are some who like to add or sprinkle chocolate powder over a latte.

What is Cappuccino?

Cappuccino is also made using milk and espresso. Cappuccino is 1/3rd espresso with 1/3rd amount of steamed milk, and finally 1/3rd milk foam. In cappuccino, the milk is frothed. Micro foam of milk is prepared for the froth used in cappuccino. Skimmed milk tends to produce more froth than whole milk, which is why it is used in making cappuccino. To make cappuccino, frothed milk is poured over espresso. There are some who like to add or sprinkle chocolate powder over a cappuccino.

Difference Between Latte and Cappuccino

What is the difference between Latte and Cappuccino?

• Cappuccino and latte are coffee beverages that are made starting with the same espresso coffee.

• Cappuccino contains a lot of milk froth, while latte has very little milk froth. Instead, latte is made with steamed milk.

• To make a cappuccino, milk froth is poured over espresso while, to make latte, espresso and steamed milk are poured simultaneously in a cup and topped with a small layer of milk froth. It is common to make artistic designs over latte using froth.

It is clear then that in both cappuccino, as well as latte, the amount or shot of coffee remains the same, and the difference in taste is all due to different amounts of milk, as well as the frothed milk used in cappuccino.


Images Courtesy: Cappuccino via Wikicommons (Public Domain)