Difference Between Lavender and Lilac

Lavender vs Lilac

There are many different shades between the colors violet and purple. Lavender and lilac are two such shades that have been confusing a lot of people. These are shades that have been very popular in fabrics used for dress materials and also for fabrics used for furnishing. The shades are very similar to each other being described as purplish blue by most people. However, despite similarities, there are differences that will be talked about in this article.

Lilac Color

Lilac is the name of the flower after which this color has been named. It is actually light violet in shade. Pale violet is a true reflection of the color of these flowers though some people also refer to this color as light purple. Even in this range of light purple, there are sub shades that are referred to as pale lilac, deep lilac, rich lilac, and so on. There is even French lilac color that is used for interiors of a room when the shade desired is dark violet. Lilac is not only feminine but also romantic

Lavender Color

Lavender is a shade that is light purple with a bluish tinge. It is the name of the flower that has been used to name the color. It remained the name of the flower for long, but in 1930, the word was used to describe the shades of colors as lavender grey, lavender blue in a dictionary of colors. Today there are many variations of lavender found in the color charts of paint companies such s pale lavender, lavender blue, lavender grey, and even lavender pink.

Lavender vs Lilac

• Lavender and lilac are names of flowers that are also used to indicate very similar shades of light purple.

• Lavender is pale purple color, whereas lilac is a pale purple color in which a dash of pink has been added.

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