Difference Between Lawyer and Barrister

Lawyer vs Barrister

A doctor is called a doctor in all languages and places, and there is no confusion in the minds of the people regarding this profession. However, it is the legal profession that has many different nomenclatures for professionals practicing law such as lawyer, attorney, barrister, and so on. There is no doubt that both a lawyer, as well as a barrister, performs many similar roles and responsibilities and both have studied and graduated in law. However, there are many differences between the two professionals that will be highlighted in this article.


Lawyer is a term that is used to refer to professionals who have studied and graduated in law and are practicing it as a profession. These professionals are trained in legal matters and not only give legal advice and consultation to clients, but also take up cases of clients and argue their cases in a law courts. Lawyer is a generic term that covers many different types of professionals working in the field of law. Lawyers give their opinions on legal matters, advise clients on their rights and obligations, represent clients in law courts, and also work to oversee negotiations and settlements in cases of disputes.


Barrister is a term that is used for a class of lawyers. These are lawyers who have the permission to plead at the bar. This means that a barrister has permission to appear and argue in favor of his client at a court of law. The main profession of a barrister is to stand in court and do advocacy there. Barristers are seen sitting in their chambers preparing for cases, and they interact with clients on a very limited basis. A barrister is also called a barrister at law or simply bar at law which reflects the fact that he is a member of a body of professionals known as Bar Association. The lawyers who are members of the bar association are referred to as barristers.

What is the difference between Lawyer and Barrister?

• A barrister is also a lawyer though he is a professional who is seen preparing cases of clients in chambers as he specializes in arguing their cases in law courts.

• A lawyer is a generic word that includes solicitors, advocates, and barristers.

• A lawyer is a professional who has studied and cleared the law exam.

• A lawyer can advise his clients and give legal opinions.

• A lawyer can inform clients about their rights and obligations.

• Barristers receive cases from lawyers though they can also be contacted directly by their clients.

• Barristers are so called because of their membership of a body of lawyers called the Bar Association.

• As members of the bar, barristers become eligible to appear and argue in favor of their clients in a court of law.