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Difference Between Leader and Boss

Leader vs Boss

Leader and boss are two words that are always interchanged. Although both signify someone on top of the working pyramid, each word has its own definition. Both leader and boss are the ones the followers look up to. The leader or the boss will usually provide with the ideas and solutions.


Leader is someone who knows how to motivate his followers. He or she has an open mind to accept criticisms, challenges and ideas from his or her minions. A leader does not boss around his followers but instead a leader pushes them to do better. A leader is respected and loved by the followers not only because of seniority or his level but also of his ability and character.


Boss on the other hand is being respected mainly because of seniority. More often than not, a boss promotes fear over his subordinates to ensure that they perform. A boss at times is closed minded and would not want to receive any suggestions from his followers. This means that the authority and respect he derives is made out of fear.

Difference between Leader and Boss

A leader encourages; a boss pushes his followers. A leader inspires his followers; a boss promotes fear. To become a leader he has to lead by example; to be a boss, you just need to make orders and wait for results. A leader is more effective than a boss, sure, both will render results but the workers will be happier if they have a leader instead of a boss. The boss knows how things should be done and orders them; a leader knows but shows the followers how it is done.

Both leader and boss are in charge in a project or company. Both have the authority however, only one is looked up to because of his quality and charisma while the other one is feared. Like they say, a leader can be a boss but a boss can rarely become a leader.

In brief:

• A leader is respected because of his quality, ability and attitude while a boss assumes authority by imposing fear.

• A leader is just and lives by example, a boss just simply bosses around.

Leader Boss
Encourages Pushes
Inspires Promotes fear
Lead by example Make orders, bosses around
Shows how it is done Do not show how it is done
Respected for their quality, ability and attitude Assumes authority by imposing fear



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