Difference Between Leeks and Green Onions

Leeks vs Green Onions

If you have never seen leeks before, you can be forgiven for confusing these plants for green onions. This is because of the similarities between the two plants that both belong to the genus Allium. Green onions are closer to onions in taste and aroma than leeks. There are many other differences between leek and green onion that will be highlighted in this article.


Leeks are plants belonging to the family of Allium that also includes onions and garlic. Leeks are a national symbol of Welsh, and the plant has edible leaves that are eaten after cooking. Leeks look like overgrown green onions because of their larger bulbs. It is the light green part of the leaves and the white base that are mostly consumed. These parts lie below the dark green leaves and just above the root or the bulb of the leeks. Dark green leaves are very hard and mostly left alone. The bulb of leeks is not strong like onions. The leaves of leeks have a much milder taste and smell than the leaves and bulb of the green onions.

Green Onions

Green onions are plants that are edible and are known for their taste and aroma very similar to red onions. They are known by various names such as spring onions, scallions, baby onions, onion sticks, etc and used extensively in Chinese and Mexican cuisine. The leaves of these plants are eaten both after cooking and as raw. This makes green onions great to be used in different salads. The bulb of green onions is not fully developed, and it is mainly their leaves that are consumed as vegetables, salads, and as seasoning for many different recipes.

Leeks vs Green Onions

• Leeks are much milder in taste and smell than green onions.

• Leeks look like overgrown green onions.

• Leeks are very popular in Wales and even a symbol of the country.

• Green onions are used much in Chinese and Mexican cuisines.

• Leeks are sweeter in taste than green onions.