Difference Between Left and Right Handed Bow

Left vs Right Handed Bow

Most of us are right handed, but there are a sizeable number of people who have a dominant left hand. These people are also called southpaws. Most of the objects we use are made keeping in mind the right handed people. We are comfortable when we are performing actions that need us to use one of our hands whether right or left. But when it comes to making use of both our hands as in the sport of archery, it is better to know the difference between the equipment that is labeled as right handed and left handed. Choosing bows that are ideal for one’s use is of utmost importance in the sport of archery. This article attempts to find out the differences between these two types of bows being sold in the market for archery enthusiasts.

An archer who is a right hander normally holds the bow in his left hand, whereas a left-handed archer holds it in his right hand. No matter what brand or quality of bow you decide to choose, the bow should be constructed in such a manner that it allows you to take aim and shoot to the best of your ability. So, if you are a right hander, you have to choose from right handed bows. In a right-handed bow, you draw the string with your right hand while gripping the bow with your left hand. The reverse holds true for a lefthander with a left-handed bow in his hand.

Most people who are right handers have a dominant right eye, whereas most left handers have left eyes as their dominant eyes. However, this is not a universal rule and some left handers have a dominant right eye while some right handers have a dominant left eye. This is a tricky situation and demands careful selection of bow to perform to the best of their ability in archery. To aim and hit the target better, you have to make use of your dominant eye. This requires knowing which hand will draw the string and which hand will grip the bow. Once you know your dominant eye through a simple exercise that allows it to focus on an object in an instinctive manner, you know which of the two types of bows available in the market are better suited for you.

What is the difference between Left and Right Handed Bow?

• There are minor differences between right hand bow and left hand bow to allow better gripping of the bow for the archers.

• Left hand bow is used by left handers who pull the string with their left hands while holding the bow with their right hands.

• The problem lies with people who are right handers but have a dominant left eye and left handers who have a dominant right eye as they have to choose the right bow.