Difference Between Lesbian and Gay

Lesbian vs Gay

Lesbian and gay are two kinds of homosexuality that involves one’s desire over another person of the same sex. People who are lesbians or gays are considered to be abnormal by others and in fact it is even a crime in some countries.


Lesbians are the desires between two female genders either sexually or romantically. In the past, they’re labeled by the society as abnormals and immorals especially those who are involved in lesbian relationships. No wonder there are lots of lesbian suicides because of these criticisms. In India, it’s a crime for women of the same sex to have sexual intercourse under the section 377 of their penal code.


The term gay is commonly referred by the people as the desire of two male genders romantically. But this notion is partly false, it is true that gays have desires with the same sex but also the term gay can be applied for women. Those who are in men to men and women to women relationships can be considered as gay. But in literature, gay means happy or lively.

Difference between Lesbian and Gay

Lesbians and gays are similarly different from each other. They are similar in the sense that they are both types of homosexuality but different since they have their own each and specific characteristics. Lesbian is the term in reference to the relationship between two women whereas the gay is not only applicable for men to men relationship but also to women. Lesbian is coined from the island Lesbos in Greece while Gay is coined from the French word Gai. Lesbian and Gay begin to be received the connotation of immorality during the 18th and 17th century respectively.

Nowadays, due to the constant information campaign about lesbians and gays, they are now most likely accepted in the society and there are even media personalities that are highly respected admit that they are lesbian or gay. No matter if you’re lesbian, gay, or straight, as long as you are not doing anything wrong then the people will surely accept you.

In brief:

• The term lesbian is applicable between the two individuals involve in women to women relationship while the term gay can be applicable to both women to women and men to men relationship.

• Lesbian is coined from the island Lesbos whereas the term Gay comes from a French word Gai.