Difference Between Letter and Alphabet

Letter vs Alphabet

In English language, the alphabet is a system containing letters from A to Z. Thus, there are 26 letters in English alphabet. The whole of English language can be read and written using these letters. However, there are people who confuse between a letter and alphabet. This article attempts to differentiate between letter and alphabet, to remove the confusion in the minds of readers learning English language.


Letters are symbols or characters that are the building blocks of a language. In English, there are 26 letters from A to Z that are enough to read and write English language. Each letter has its own sound that helps in recognition during conversation. Writing a language is not possible without these letters. All letters in English language have their own names as wells sounds. All letters have an order in which they are placed inside the alphabet. This order is called alphabetical order and helps in placing words in an alphabetical order in a dictionary. Letters have sounds that are indivisible in the sense that words have a composite sound made up of the sounds of these letters.


Alphabet is a group of letters that is the backbone of any language. Alphabet is needed to read and write a language, and it comprises both the vowels as well as the consonants. English language was first made using Anglo-Saxon alphabet because of the alphabets of Angles and Saxons who came from German and inhabited a part of England. Missionaries, however, introduced Latin alphabet to English language that gradually replaced Anglo-Saxon alphabet and formed the basis of new English.

Letter vs Alphabet

• English language has single alphabet that contains 26 letters

• There are languages having more than one alphabet

• Letters are arranged in an order inside the alphabet with each letter having a unique phonetic sound

• The sound of a letter is indivisible

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