Difference Between Light and Lite

Key Difference – Light vs Lite

Light and lite are homophones, i.e., they are pronounced the same even though they have different spellings. Lite is also a variant spelling of the light. However, this spelling can only be used in certain instances. Light can be used to describe something that is not heavy or something pale.  In a modern context, lite is mainly used to describe something that contains fewer calories or less fat than usual. This is the key difference between light and lite.

What Does Light Mean?

Light is used as a noun, verb and an adjective. It can have numerous meanings according to these different grammatical meanings. As a noun, light mainly refers to a source of light – something that makes vision possible.  As a verb, light means to provide with light. The adjective light has several meanings:

Pale, not dark

She was wearing a light green dress.

The living room was light and airy.

Not heavy, of little weight

She was light as a feather.

The table was light enough to be carried by one person.

Not strongly or heavily built or made

The soldiers wore light armour.

Her light clothes were not suitable for traveling in the desert.

Relatively low in density, amount or intensity

The doctor advised him to take a light supper.

They played cricket in the light rain.

Difference between Light and Lite

The flowers are light pink in colour.

What Does Lite Mean?

Lite is an alternative spelling of light, which is only used in certain contexts.  Lite is generally used to describe something that contains fewer calories or less fat than usual. For example, lite beer, lite soy sauce, lite mayonnaise, etc.

This adjective is mainly used in commercial writing, or advertising and food companies use this adjective to label their food products. Brand and company names such as Lite bite foods, Miller Lite, Kikkoman Lite Soy Sauce and SPAM lite are some examples.

Lite can also denote a simpler or less challenging version of a particular thing or person. For example, phrases like lite news, lite version,  and film noir lite are used informally to denote a simpler version of something.

It is important to note that lite is not considered as an alternative to light in any other context than the two contexts discussed here.

Key Difference - Light vs Lite

She made a salad with lite mayonnaise.

What is the difference between Light and Lite?

Grammatical Category:

Light is an adjective, noun and verb.

Lite is an adjective.


Light (adjective) means pale, not heavy, not strongly built, or relatively low in density/amount/intensity.

Lite means containing fewer calories or less fat.


Light is used in a general context.

Lite is mainly used in relation to food products.

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