Difference Between Like and Love

Key Difference – Like vs Love

Like and love are two of the most common emotions or feelings experienced by people around the world between which a key difference can be observed. One can like girls but truly love only one of them. Of course, this suggests a higher intensity or strength of feelings between people we like and the person we love but in reality there are differences between liking and loving that are hard to quantify. It means that it is not necessary to love a person whom you like while you obviously like the person you love too much. If all this sounds confusing, read on to know the differences between like and love.

What is Like?

One can like a lot of things and people in his life. For example, one can like dancing, skating, swimming, or as the company of a friend. In today’s scenario, like is displaying one’s attraction towards a variety of objects publicly on social networking websites. However, in real life and in particular while dealing with other people, we tend to enjoy time with those whom we like. You like a person on the basis of his qualities such as physical attributes or because of respect and compassion. When you are physically attracted towards a person, you obviously like him a lot. You are happy when you are in the company of a person you like.

Difference between Like and Love

What is Love?

Love is the gift of God, a special feeling or emotion that one feels for a person of the opposite sex. Here, we are talking about adult love and not the feeling of love between a mother and her kids or between grandparents and their grandchildren. Love is a strong and passionate emotion that a man and woman feel towards each other. It is a feeling that is beyond description in simple words. If you love someone, your heart beats fast in his presence, and you feel shy when he is around though you may have been waiting for him for hours or days. Love is all one needs in his life, and it is never too late to love in life are two phrases to signify the importance of love in one’s life. There are of course other sayings such as Love is God, and one is never too old to love that again emphasize the importance of loving and being loved by someone else.

Like vs Love

What is the Difference Between Like and Love?

Definitions of Love and Like:

Love: Love is a special feeling or emotion that one feels for a person of the opposite sex.

Like: Like is a preference.

Characteristics of Love and Like:


Love: An individual can truly love one person of the opposite sex.

Like: One can like many different people and objects.


Love:  Love is unconditional.

Like: Liking is dependent upon many factors.


Love: Love connotes much more intense and passionate feelings.

Like: Likeness connotes pleasant feelings.


Love: The person whom you love takes center stage in your life, and you cannot imagine life without him or her.

Like: Liking a person does not denote that he becomes the center stage in life.




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