Difference Between Lime and Lemon Trees

Lime vs Lemon Trees

Lime tree and lemon tree, as well as the citron tree, are the three citrus trees that are very fragile against cold environment conditions making them suitable to be grown in Asian countries where there are ample amount of heat from the sun. Their fruits are both rich in Vitamin C and Calcium.

Lime Tree

Lime trees are usually in 6′ to 13′ high when fully grown and mature. Its flowers measures up to 3″ only. The leaves, as well as the barks, contain strong and distinct scent of lime if you try to break it. In the old days, lime fruits are use to cure the scurvy which is an inflammatory disease in the mouth due to lack of Vitamin C in the body.

Lemon Tree

Mature lemon trees measures up to 20 feet tall and their leaves grow to about 4 or 5 inches. Lemons have antiseptic capability that in some Asian countries they are used to clean wounds and are also used as an antidote to some minor poisons. Lemon fruits are usually in oval or oblong shape and are bigger if you compare it to its relative lime trees.

Difference between Lime Tree and Lemon Tree

When you happen to see lemon and lime tress, it is very easy to differentiate which is which by the height of the tree. Lime trees are always shorter than lemon trees. Take a leaf from any of the tree and smell it. If it has a noticeable smell of lime then it’s a lime tree but if it hasn’t any smell at all then it’s a lemon tree. In terms of Vitamin contents in their fruits, lemons are greater than lime in Vitamin C while limes are greater than lemons in Vitamin A.

The statements by others that lemon fruits are yellow and lime fruits are green are misleading ones. Both the fruits of these two citrus trees are in green on the early stages of their growth and will change its color to yellow as they grow more mature.

In brief:

• The maximum height of lime trees is 13 feet and the lemon tree’s 20 feet.

• Fruits from lime trees are rich in Vitamin A while the lemon tree fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

• The barks and leaves of a lime tree have a distinct smell of limes whereas there is no smell from that of the lemon trees.