Difference Between Liner and Shader Tattoo Gun

Liner vs Shader Tattoo Gun

Tattooing is one body art that has become extremely popular all over the world. It is a way of expression and provides an outlet to artistic aspirations of many people. Tattooing is also a way of expressing one’s unique personality to the world. There are two important aspects of tattooing that involve making lines and shading inside the design created. Both these tasks can be carried out using the same tattoo machine though it requires making frequent changes in the settings to get the desired results. People often confuse between the liner and shader tattoo gun but these machines serve different functions. Despite similarities in construction, there are differences between liner and shader tattoo guns that will be highlighted in this article.

As the name implies, a liner tattoo gun is used to create lines whereas shader tattoo gun is used to fill colors or the same ink inside the structures made by liner tattoo guns. The liner gun is held upright while the shader gun is held at an angle. The coils used inside a liner tattoo gun are smaller, and it also contains needles that are specially created to make lines. There are up to 7 and sometimes even 10 needles that are used for creating thin, as well as thick lines. There are many more needles in the shader gun as it has to cover larger areas than the areas covered by a liner tattoo gun. The needles in a liner tattoo gun are arranged in a circular pattern. However, they are arranged in a linear pattern in a shader tattoo gun that resembles a comb.

Liner tattoo guns that are designed to draw thin and thick outlines have a greater speed than those designed for shading work. As shader tattoo guns require filling colors, they need to penetrate under the skin deeper than the liner tattoo guns. This is possible with the help of more powerful capacitors. Normally, a liner tattoo gun does not need capacitors more than 22µF in power whereas shader tattoo guns require capacitors up to 47µF capacity.

What is the difference between Liner and Shader Tattoo Gun?

• There are differences in the configuration of needles, speed, and power of liner tattoo gun and shader tattoo gun.

• Needles are arranged in a circular pattern, in liner machine while they are arranged like a comb in a shader tattoo gun.

• Liner tattoo gun has a greater speed than a shader tattoo gun.

• Shader tattoo gun has more powerful capacitors than a liner tattoo gun as it needs to penetrate the skin to fill vibrant colors.