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Difference Between Lobbying and Bribing

Lobbying vs Bribing

Lobbying and bribing are terms more commonly associated with your local politician. When you want to change a certain policy, or amend a certain law, you go to your politician. And the outcome would be one of these two scenarios.


If the politician agrees with your opinion, he would then do something to have that policy or law amended. He would appeal towards the masses and the law-making body, campaign for the change you want to see. That’s called lobbying. It is the act of supporters of a particular interest who try to influence political policy on a particular issue.


Now, in the outcome that the politician is actually against your opinion, he would graciously decline in supporting your cause. However, there are people who would do their convincing in other ways. One is the offer of a financial gift, or another thing of equivalent value, otherwise known as a bribe. Bribing means giving someone an incentive, financial or otherwise, to do something or to influence their opinion in your favor.

Difference between Lobbying and Bribing

What’s common between these two is that they are terms that apply to a person in office or holding a position of trust, like your local politician. Lobbying is actually a legal practice while bribing is not. There are times, however, that the line between the two has become blurred. Sometimes, with the aggressive strategies our politicians follow, we might think that their zeal has become unnatural and there might be something more than that meets the eye. Of course, accusing someone of bribery or accepting a bribe is tricky. One has to be sure of his or her statements and should have evidence backing the claim. Otherwise, it’s a libel or a slander charge against you.

Remember, if you want something changed with your local political policies, lobbying for it is the thing to do. Raise awareness, advocate, and let your leaders know. Do not bribe them, however. Bribing is illegal.

In brief:

1. Lobbying is the act of supporters of a particular cause or issue to influence legislation’s decisions in their favor. Bribing, on the other hand, is to offer an incentive to sway someone to your cause.

2. Lobbying is legal, although sometimes questionable, while bribing is outright wrong. While there are no legal repercussions in lobbying, bribing can land you in hot water.


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