Difference Between Lodge and Hotel

Lodge vs Hotel

Have you ever been to a lodge? Normally people use the services of a hotel in tourist destinations and know what it means to stay at a hotel for a few days. But most remain confused about the differences between a lodge and a hotel as both provide accommodation to travelers and tourists. Also, while it is easier to spot hotels (they are more in numbers, especially in tourist places), lodges are hard to find these days (they were in abundances in not so distant past). This article will highlight the features of both lodges as well as hotels thus differentiating between the two for the readers.

A hotel is a building with many rooms that are provided to travelers and tourists who need them for lodging along with the facility of meals in restaurants that may be inside the hotel or through room service. A hotel may be simple and ordinary like a road side hotel with unkempt rooms and poor facilities or it may be a dream accommodation with superb facilities for leisure and comfort. There are ratings for hotels and on the basis of features and facilities provided, hotels are given stars. Highest rating is 7 stars with very high tariffs, while there are single star hotels with decent rooms and moderate services to suit every budget and requirement. Today every city of the world boasts of scores of hotels right from the most ordinary to the most lavish and extra ordinary for rich and connoisseurs.

A lodge is a place that provides accommodation in exchange for a payment. It is typically temporary in nature with room provided for shelter and comfort as well as safe storage of luggage to travelers and tourists. There is a phrase ‘lodging and fooding’ in some countries, which one can see on advertisement boards of hotels. This implies that one can expect facilities like accommodation and meals while staying at a hotel. On the contrary, a lodge is a place that provides only accommodation and there is no provision for meals.

In brief:

Difference Between Lodge and Hotel

• While both a lodge as well a hotel provides accommodation to those who pay for it, a hotel typically also provides meals, whereas there is no provision of food in a lodge.

• Hotels are more in number and outscore lodges in grandeur and features

• Lodges are made to provide short duration accommodation to travelers and tourists

• Hotels today have many more features besides basic accommodation