Difference Between Loft and Attic

Loft vs Attic

Loft and attic are words that refer to very similar structures inside homes and other buildings. In old buildings, there were always spaces just below the roof of the structure that was used for various purposes. You must have yourself seen and explored such small rooms under the roof in your grandparent’s home, in the countryside. Though there are many similarities in the terms loft and attic, there are also differences between these structures that will be highlighted in this article.


Loft is a word that has always been used to refer to large spaces in old buildings that were mostly open and used for storage purposes. These spaces were just below the roof of the buildings and looked spacious as they did not have walls. Lofts belonging to old, dilapidated building were used by impoverished artists during WW II, but today they have become a rage among people looking for alternative accommodation units. Loft is a word that is being used by builders, to lure buyers and sell their studio apartments that are small but without many walls for partition.

Loft is also found in homes where it is an open space just below the roof of the house that is used by homeowners for storage. Usually all household items that are not used in daily life are thrown up these lofts.


Attic is a word used to refer to spaces just under the roof of the homes that may be small and used for storage of household items or large enough to make bedrooms for the homeowner. Attics are not open spaces but rather closed ones with even doors that can be closed. There are homes with an attic running across all rooms while there are also houses having attics in only a few rooms. In any case, attics make available additional spaces to homeowners that can be used for different purposes.

Loft vs Attic

• Lofts and attics are spaces just below the roof used for various storage purposes though lofts are usually open while attics are closed spaces.

• Loft is also used to refer to living spaces under the roof that were inhabited by poor artists in decadent buildings during WW II.

• These days loft apartment is a term coined by builders, to attract buyers for studio apartment with more open spaces.