Difference Between Long and Short Layers

Long vs Short Layers

Hairstyling plays a crucial role in improving upon the personality of an individual. Depending upon his physical appearance and the length of hair one keeps, one can choose from a variety of hairstyles that are in vogue. Mostly it is the hairstyles donned by celebrities that are followed by common people. Long as well as short layers are two such hairstyles sported by famous personalities confusing people which one to choose for themselves. This article takes a closer look at these two popular hairstyling methods that involve imparting layers to hairs.

Long Layers

Layers are loved by women of all hues, and even celebrities prefer hairstyles with layers as these layers add texture and volume to their hairs. Layered hairs also move with the movement of the head making them look very sexy and stylish. Long layers look good irrespective of the shape of the face of a woman, and they are like timeless classics in the world of fiction. Long layers make a woman look sophisticated and classy.

In the case of long layers, layers are seen at the bottom of the length of the hairs. This is the reason why they look the prettiest when the face of the woman is round. These layers offset the roundness and balance the shape of the face somewhat.

Short Layers

Layers look good even when a woman is sporting short hair. Short layers add to the fun and glamour and make a woman look flirty adding spice to her style and charm. Short layers are possible in both long hairs as well as short hairs.

In the case of short hairs, short layers mean that the layers have been cut short and they end up much higher than the length of the hairs. In general, with short layers, the layers should be visible around the ear lobes.

Long vs Short Layers

• The most obvious difference between long layers and short layers is that long layers are visible at the bottom of the hairs, whereas short layers are seen around the ear lobes.

• Short layers are possible with both short as well as long hairs.

• Long layers look good on women of all ages and on all face shapes though round faced women look very pretty with these layers.

• Long layers are timeless and classic while short layers are fun and flirty.