Difference Between Loose Powder and Pressed Powder

Loose Powder vs Pressed Powder

Powder is a cosmetic product that is an integral part of a makeup kit of every woman. In particular, it is the face powder that is considered more important than talcum powder that is showered all over one’s body. Face powder is available as loose powder as well as pressed powder confusing many women as to which one of the two powder types should they use. This article takes a closer look at the two types of powders to find out if there is any difference between the two to enable the readers to use either of the two according to their skin condition and appearance.

Loose Powder

Loose powder, as the name implies, comes loose inside a packing allowing the user to sprinkle a little bit of powder on hands to apply directly on her face. You have to be careful while carrying the container in your vanity bag as any lapse on your part can make the powder come out of the container and spread all over inside the bag. However, makeup artists prefer loose powder as it contains very fine particles allowing them to create a made up look on the face of the client. Photographers also like loose powder as it helps them to create a matte look on the face of the subject. Loose powder provides greater coverage on face. This feature attracts those who are price conscious. In any case, starting with loose powder when putting on makeup is a good idea as any area of the face that remains uncovered after its application can be touched up later on using pressed powder.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is also known as compact powder as it is sold by this name. This powder can be applied using a brush on the face. Pressed powder looks like a small round piece of cake, and it is very convenient to carry around as it is small and lightweight and does not create any mess as it cannot spill out of the packing. Pressed powder gives little coverage and thus it is more suitable for touchups. However, those who like its convenience use it to do the complete makeup of their face. Though there are women who can apply pressed powder with their fingers, it is always prudent to use this powder with the help of a brush.

Loose Powder vs Pressed Powder

• Loose powder is loose and can be sprinkled over the face, whereas pressed powder is tight and comes in the shape of a small cake.

• Loose powder can be applied with hands, whereas pressed powder has to be applied using a brush.

• Loose powder is used to initiate the makeup, whereas pressed powder is used to touch up at later stages.

• Pressed powder is available in small packing and can be carried around in a much more convenient manner than loose powder that can create a mess in the case of a mishap.