Difference Between Loose Skin and Fat

Loose Skin vs Fat

Many people who lose weight dramatically or too fast are seen facing the problem of excess skin or loose skin. Loose skin around the belly, arms, shoulders, or thighs looks just like fat, and it is hard to tell the difference between fat and loose skin at times. In fact, except for some really think people, loose skin and fat are combined together in such a manner that even the plastic surgeon who is asked to perform liposuction or tummy tuck find it difficult to differentiate between fat and loose skin. This article attempts to find out if there is any real difference between fat and loose skin.

If you Google images for loose skin and fat at one go, you would be surprised how similar these images look. For all those who are dreaming of a great figure after weight loss, it is a double whammy as although they have lost weight quickly they are left behind with excess skin that is saggy and ugly as it in itself looks like they have fat at wrong areas in their bodies. It has to be understood that skin is a living organism, and the skin of an individual requires time to adjust with the changes in the weight of the person. When a person gains weight in a rapid manner, he or she is faced with the problem of stretch marks over skin. This is the common problem faced by ladies after their pregnancies. In just the same fashion, the skin of a person does not get enough time to react when he loses weight too quickly. This causes the skin to sag and become loose. There are people who can mistake this loose skin as fat. However, loose skin can be told from fat by performing a simple test.

Pinch your skin on the part of the body where it is most saggy. This is normally around the belly for most individuals. If it is loose skin, you can easily pinch and pull it outwards. It will not bounce back as is the case with skin on other parts of your body like the back of your hand.


Skin is a living organ that stretches and shrinks according to weight gain or weight loss of a person. Stretch marks are a result of weight gain (as in pregnancy) whereas loose skin is a result of rapid weight loss. Loose skin may look like fat, but it is wrinkled and gives the appearance of an old person unlike the fat that is tight and fleshy. Also, while skin is only a few millimeters in width, the rest is always fat when one is trying to find if he has loose skin or fat.