Difference Between Lotion and Moisturizer

Lotion vs Moisturizer

Our skin is the largest organ in our body that is also visible and makes up our appearance. It is the desire of all of us to have skin that is radiant and glowing. We are born with supple and hydrated skin but slowly and gradually our skin starts to lose its natural moisture because of many factors such as harsh weather, poor dietary intake, improper care and wrong use of cosmetic products. To make our skin look and feel good, we make use of many products available in the market. Lotions and moisturizers are two such products that confuse people. This article attempts to highlight the differences between a lotion and moisturizer so as to enable readers to buy the right cosmetic product.


A lotion is a liquid like preparation that is prepared to take care of our skin. It has a level of consistency that allows it to be applied on our skin with the help of bare hands though it is also applied using cotton or a piece of cloth. There are other products that have a higher viscosity such as crèmes and gels that perform similar purposes. There are also hand and body lotions that are products to be applied on hands or the entire body of the individual.

A lotion contains moisturizers to help in softening of the skin by hydrating it. A lotion could be made for other purposes too such as to work as an astringent or as a cleanser. The most popular of all lotions in the market are body lotions, hand lotions, and of course the after shave lotions.


Moisturizer is a cosmetic product that is made to replenish our skin. It contains natural oils and lubricants that go inside the skin, to hydrate it and make it supple. There are many natural products that can be used as moisturizers on our skin. However, most people prefer to buy products that are labeled as moisturizers and are available in the market. Moisturizer increases the water content inside our skin and reduces the phenomenon of evaporation through skin pores. Moisturizers are used mostly for treating dry skin though they are also used by old people, to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and saggy skin.

Lotion vs Moisturizer

• Moisturizer is a cosmetic product whereas lotion is the term used to refer to liquid like preparation.

• Lotion can be used for many different purposes externally, whereas moisturizer is used to replenish moisture in our skin.

• A lotion is not necessarily for moistening the skin as it can also be used for cleansing. There are also lotions that work as astringents.

• The consistency of a moisturizer is such that it can be poured off the container and applied over hand or body directly with hands or using cotton or piece of cloth.

• A lotion that is dry skin lotion is more or less similar to a moisturizer.

• A lotion can be cosmetic, or it could be a medication, whereas a moisturizer is always a cosmetic product.