Difference Between Love and Affection

Love vs Affection

Love and affection are interconnected in many ways yet differ in lots of things and aspects as well. Affection is the first step towards love; love is a combination of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual mystic attachment to a person. Affection is when a person adores someone or something. You can show affection to poor people, your pet’s etc. love is one step ahead of affection.

Emotions usually define affection, they are both very closely related. Affection can be said as a sort of social interaction between people, strangers, people and pets or animals. Affection is a give and take sequence, you give affection, and in return you get affection. Affection can be kept in heart for someone or something while love speaks for itself. Taking care of someone, helping someone in his thick and thin, or simply understanding someone’s feelings can be interoperated as affection, helping someone socially or any sort of social help is also said to be affection. Love is a feeling deep inside it speaks for itself though but affection can also be taken as physical expression of love.

Love is a deep feeling, words are not enough to describe what love really is, loving someone and being in love with someone are two totally different things. You love your family, your mother, father; siblings can do anything and everything possible at your part to facilitate them that is love. Falling in love with someone is a completely different story. In that case too likeness, and affection comes first, when you have affection for someone you tend to care for them, help them, be with them and this is the point from where love starts, when a person you adore becomes a part of your life, when you can’t imagine living without that particular person, when you wait for hours and hours to just have a look at that special person, well this is the beginning of love. When you fall in love everything around you changes, love is when you realize that this one person has no alternative, there is no one like her/him and you can’t let that person go no matter what. when the mere presence of that person around you makes you happy, mere sound of him/her moving around in your house makes you close your eyes sit back and smile to yourself that oh yes this is what I was missing, when his/her pain stabs you in the heart too, you feel his/her pain that is affection a physical expression of pure love.

In short love is like a soft deep tender, undeniable feeling of affection, care and sense of possessing or having a person a feeling of kinship, physical attraction, chemistry, a feeling no one can really explain completely because everyone perceives it in its own different sense and gather his/her own definition of love. Affection on the other hand can be taken as likeness or fondness an earlier phase of love. Hence No love without affection can happen.