Difference Between Low and High Trucks

Low vs High Trucks

Skateboarding is one action sport that requires an individual to ride upon a specially designed wooden skateboard, propelling him with one foot while balancing upon the wooden board. The skateboard moves with the help of wheels that are placed beneath the board. The most important part of a skateboard is the truck that is the axle that is attached to the base of the board and holds the wheels of the board. Depending upon the design of the board and the requirements of the skateboarder, there are available low and high trucks. Many people remain confused between these trucks. This article makes clear the differences between high and low trucks and their features to make it easier to choose between them.

The truck of a skateboard should be tough and durable to take on the daily grind. In every skateboard, there are two trucks to hold two sets of wheels together. It is the strength of the trucks that decide the durability of the skateboards. Trucks are attached to the bottom of the deck but come in different shapes and sizes to confuse skateboarders. For skateboarder fond of flips and tricks, stability of the board is important. They should go for low trucks as these trucks provide greater stability. However, lower trucks demand smaller wheels. This means that you cannot go at very high speeds when using low trucks. Also, smaller wheels place you at a disadvantage when you want to go long distance using your skateboards.

If, however, you are new to skateboarding, it is better to opt for mid high trucks as you are yet to decide the use of the skateboard. If you want to hit the street, trucks that are low prove good. On the other hand, high trucks are better suited if you want to cruise using your skateboard.

Low Trucks vs High Trucks

• Trucks are very important parts of a skateboard as they take on the entire weight of the skateboarder through the wheels.

• They are actually axles made steel that can be either low or high depending upon the requirements of the skateboarder.

• Lower trucks provide more stability than high trucks to the skateboarder thereby giving him better control of the board.

• Lower trucks are, therefore, better for the individual if he is interested in flips and other tricks.

• High trucks require bigger wheels making them better suited for long distance skateboarding.

• High trucks also allow skateboarder to move around at greater speeds than low trucks.

• Skateboarder can jump much higher in the air when he is using high trucks than when he has low trucks.

• Go for low trucks when skateboarding on streets or when you want to impress others with flips and tricks.

• Use high trucks when you are skateboarding on the ramp.