Difference Between Loyalty and Commitment

Loyalty vs Commitment

There are two words namely loyalty and commitment that have been a source of dilemma and confusion for many since time immemorial. This leads to frictions, hatred and even big fights between individuals. If we go by dictionary meanings, commitment means making a promise to someone or agreeing to do something and then fulfilling it. It also can take a meaning of willingness to put your soul and work hard to a job or to achieve something.  On the other hand, loyalty means faithfulness to an individual or a company or a cause. One can be committed and loyal to a job but situation becomes tricky when one is committed to someone and has divided loyalties. Let us take a closer look.

We can make a promise to an individual for example our spouse to remain committed but loyalty is a feeling that comes from within and has nothing to do with our words of promise. As long as there is a feeling of loyalty towards what we have committed ourselves to, there is no friction inside and a person does not feel torn apart but problems begin as soon as there are differences between commitment and loyalty. There are individuals who say they are committed to their wives but are not loyal in private leading to suspicion, quarrels, and even divorces.

Abraham Lincoln, the President of USA was a perfect example of commitment. At the age of 9, he promised his ailing mother never to touch alcohol and tobacco in his life, and he never in his life consumed either alcohol, or cigarette. He could have rationalized his promise since his mother was no more, later in his life, but he was faithful to the promise he made, and you can see what he achieved in life.

In business, commitment and loyalty are two very important words. If you are faithful to the promises you make to your suppliers and pay them in time, you earn a reputation of a good businessman. Similarly, if you expect to have loyal customers to your products or services, you have to give them quality, time after time.

In real life, at the altar, men and women make promises to each other to remain faithful till death, but they are not able to stick to their promises. This happens when there is a tussle between commitment and loyalty.

In friendship, commitment and loyalty hold great significance. If you have a friend who is committed and loyal to you, he will never cheat on you and you can enjoy the fruits of a lifelong relationship with him.

In modern times, both these words have become a bit diluted because of false commitments and weak loyalties. But there is a lot to learn from great men and women from the past who kept their word even when they faced hardships. There are also great examples of unflinching loyalty that found there way into history books.

In brief:

Loyalty vs Commitment

• Commitment means to make a promise/ agree to someone to do something or willingness to give your energy and time to a job. Loyalty means faithful adherence to one’s promise or being faithful to someone.

• The two words appear to have similar meanings but are used separately and in different contexts.

• Loyalty is considered a more stressful word than commitment.