Difference Between Lucifer and Satan

Lucifer vs Satan

Lucifer and Satan are two different Bible characters that show differences between them. Interestingly they are considered one and the same by some of the Bible believers. Lucifer is an angel created by God in the heaven. On the other hand, Satan is the name given to a devil. This is the main difference between Lucifer and Satan.

Lucifer is in fact, believed to be the perfect angel ever created by God. It is very important to know that as long as Lucifer occupied the heavens it remained Lucifer, but once it was cast from the heavens it took the name of Satan. This is the important difference between the two words. Hence it is true that Satan is an alternate entity of Lucifer. Thus, they are both different too.

The reason why he was cast from the heavens is that he was puffed with great pride, and this kind of egoism was considered as his greatest sin. As a result of his pride, he was banished. According to Bible belief, Lucifer is the first entity to have committed sin.

It is generally believed that Satan has occupied the Spirit world for over 6000 years. One of the important observations with regard to Satan is that he is not at all visible to the human beings. However, there is a staunch belief that he will make himself visible to the human being one day as Beast. He would also proclaim himself as God.

On the contrary, you cannot consider Lucifer as opposite of God. This is because of the fact that he is after all created by God. At the most, he can be compared to Michael the Archangel. On the other hand, Satan can be called as a close opposite of God. This is due to his opposing nature towards divinity. This is another important difference between the two words.

Misconceptions about the Gospel led to the belief that both Lucifer and Satan are one and the same entity. Strictly speaking they are not so. They are indeed two different entities. In fact, the name of Lucifer was mentioned only once in the King James Version or the KJV of the Bible.

It is interesting to note that Lucifer meant ‘to shine’ in the Hebrew language. He was equated to the parable of Babylon as he wanted to show an element of divinity in him and thus, wanted to rule over people. At the end, he would experience a total collapse of his kingdom. He met with a miserable death and is eaten away by worms. How can he be compared to the Satan? He cannot be compared because Satan had no physical form.

Hence Satan can only be a spirit that occupied the dark Spirit world that is situated between heaven and earth. On the other hand, Lucifer has a physical form but yet cannot be equated to God. Even now these two characters are likened to each other though they are not so. These are the differences between Lucifer and Satan.