Difference Between Lust and Attraction

Lust vs Attraction

Why is it that we feel attracted towards some people while we feel repulsed by some others? There are many reasons to feel attracted to an individual, and while sexuality plays the most important role in finding a male attractive to a female, it is not the only factor that decides why we are attracted to someone. Lust and attraction are two feelings that have many things in common. However, despite many similarities, there are differences between lust and attraction that will be talked about in this article.


Human beings are designed to experience many different emotions and feelings. Attraction, lust, love, admiration, respect, fondness etc. are a few of these feelings. Whether male or female, after puberty we become capable of experiencing all these feelings for the opposite sex. Attraction is at work when we find someone appealing and good to look at.

There are many qualities in a man or a woman that can appeal to us. We may be attracted to someone because of his intelligence, beauty, sexuality, romantic feelings, or for no reason at all. Attraction defies logic and the most beautiful girl may find herself attracted to an old man who looks ordinary. However, when it comes to strangers or for people whom we see for the first time, it is the physical beauty or appearance that counts most.


Lust is a strong feeling of sexual desire though there can be lust for anything from knowledge to wealth to power. As far as relationships are concerned, lust is a feeling that has strong sexual overtones. It is completely physical in nature and creates an intense feeling of desire for the person of the opposite sex. The word is a noun that is also taken to mean as lecherousness.

Lust has been considered as devious and evil in almost all major religions of the world. In fact, anyone who looks at a woman with lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. However, God has created man and woman, and anyone who claims that he is not attracted to the opposite sex may be suffering from health and sex issues. It is only natural and normal to have sexual feelings towards the opposite sex. Lust may be sexual attraction, but it is perfectly alright and normal.

What is the difference between Lust and Attraction?

• Attraction is a feeling that makes us feel interested in another person. This attraction may be because of his physical appearance, sexuality, or even because of romantic feelings. Attraction is not limited to people alone as the word is even used for tourist places.

• Lust is a word that can be used for anything from sexual desire to a strong desire for power, wealth, or even knowledge. However, it is considered a sin in all major religions of the world as far as interpersonal relations are concerned.

• Lust has sexual overtones, whereas attraction does not always evolve from sexual desires.

• Words such as hot and sexy describe feelings of lust, whereas words like smart, beautiful, suave describe feelings of attraction.