Difference Between Lustre and Matte

Lustre vs Matte

If you are one of those who are fussy about details, you will certainly like to intimate the color lab about the finish of your photos before they are completed. There are many different finishes available to you as a customer, and you can choose between lustre, matte, glossy, or even metallic depending upon your liking as well as requirements. There are many who remain confused between lustre and matte finishes as there are some similarities between them. However, despite similarities, there are differences between lustre and matte that will be highlighted in this article.


Lustre is a finish that produces a classic, almost timeless look in a photo. It has the smoothness of a glossy print while still having a slight texture that reminds one the feel of a natural pearl. It is a finish that is loved by the photographers when they are taking portraits of models. Lustre is able to produce deeply saturated colors with a high contrast. Lustre does not allow fingerprints easily as it resists smudges. It is also glare resistant, making it suitable for photos that are framed and hanged in rooms. Luster finish is obtained on a thick paper, and it is also the most expensive of finishes.


Matte finish, as the name suggests, has a surface that gives the appearance of a texture. This finish is loved by those doing black and white photography as it produces stunning results that are classic and timeless. You feel grainy when you place your fingers over such a photo. It resists finger marks and does not produce glare in the eyes of the onlooker. Matte finish obviously is dull to look at as it does not reflect light. Matt finish is also good for posterity reasons as it is hard to scratch a photo with the matte finish. Many photographers prefer matt finish for portraits, babies, and even wedding functions. There is no shine in the photos but people still love to make use of this finish for their photos because of its subtle quality.

Lustre vs Matte

• If you want shine, go for lustre.

• If you want a smooth but textured finish, matte finish is the best for you.

• Deeper color saturation is seen in lustre.

• Matte has more of a texture than lustre.

• Matte looks dull as it does not reflect light.

• Lustre has a slight gloss and produces sharp images with vibrant colors.

• Matte is more preferred by black and white photographers, whereas lustre is used to make portraits and photos of models.

• If photos will be handles by many people, matte is better as it resists fingerprints.

• If you are looking for finer details, lustre is a better option than matte.

• Matte paper is cheaper than the paper used for lustre.