Difference Between Luther and Calvin

Luther vs Calvin

Martin Luther and John Calvin are two towering figures of the reformist movement of the 16th century. While Luther is regarded as the father of reform in Christianity, the contribution of Calvin to the cleaning of the faith of Christianity of its ills is no less significant. There are many similarities between the two men of faith. They were both known to each other, but they did not meet or speak to each other in their lifetime. The impressions of the beliefs and teachings of these great religious leaders are still felt on the Christian faith. This article attempts to highlight the difference between the two great men.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther was a German monk who is regarded as the father of the reformist movement in the 16th century Western Christianity. He in 1521 introduced The 95 Theses to point out the dogmas and beliefs in the faith that were inconsistent with the scriptures of the Holy Bible. His followers made a new denomination within the fold of Christianity that is known as Lutheran Church. Luther is the man credited with being the first protestant. Luther wanted to rid the Roman Catholic Church of its ill practices. He believed in the supremacy of the Bible and not the supremacy of the Pope.

John Calvin

John Calvin was a prominent pastor of France during the time of the reformist movement. He is credited with a theology in Christian faith that is referred to as Calvinism. He was a Protestant who had to flee to Switzerland when there was an uprising against Protestants in France in 1530. Calvin is believed to represent the second wave of reformists though he was a contemporary of Martin Luther.

What is the difference between Luther and Calvin?

• Martin Luther was a German monk, whereas John Calvin was a French theologian.

• Both great religious men wrote in their mother tongues, so their writings remain inaccessible to each other.

• Calvin broke away with the Roman Catholic Church and joined the movement that was initiated by Luther much earlier. On the other hand, Luther did not break away from the Church. He was driven out of it by the Catholics.

• Luther was an inspiration to Calvin, but he carved out a niche for himself.

• Though there were differences in views of the two Protestants, they had admiration and respect for each other.