Difference Between Lycan and Werewolf

Lycan vs Werewolf

Lycan and Werewolf are mythological characters and nothing to do with real life. These characters are similar to each other and are described in novels and also in Hollywood movies. Recent Harry Potter movies and other action and horror movies have awakened the interest of the readers in these two fictional characters, and they are curious to know the differences between lycans and werewolves. This article attempts to throw some light on the characteristic features of these two creatures to highlight their differences.

According to Wikipedia, Lycan is just another name for werewolves. This is exemplified in the term Lycanthrope that is made up of Lycos; meaning wolf, and anthropos; meaning human. So, in Greek mythology, human beings having the ability to change themselves into wolves or a hybrid human being having characteristics of wolves are termed as werewolves. Though Greek mythology is credited as the root of werewolves, such creatures are known to have existed in folk tales of many different cultures around the world.

In the series of movies by the name of Underworld, Lycans have been depicted as a race that remain as vampires in human form but acquire great strength and agility when they are able to transform themselves into lycan form. When these vampires become lycans they become much more powerful and can easily crawl along walls. They can release a virus, called lycan virus, when they bite humans. This virus can cause humans to become lycans themselves.

Lycan vs Werewolf

There are people who believe that lycans are no different species but werewolves. Werewolves are humans who have the ability to transform themselves into wolves or similar creatures during full moons. These are mythological characters that are believed to have originated from Greek mythology though one finds mention of such creatures in the folk tales of many different countries.

In recent action and horror movies, lycans have been depicted as more advanced werewolves who can not only control their transformation into powerful creatures but also have far superior features and attributes than werewolves. Lycans can also bite humans to convert them into lycans.

Lycan remains a word derived from lycanthropy, which is made of Greek lycos; meaning wolf, and anthropos; meaning human. However, in recent movies, lycans have been depicted as second generation werewolves who are much more advanced and powerful. In these movies, lycans have been shown as having improved speed, improved agility, improved strength, and improved skills. Silver weapons remain the weakness of lycans just like werewolves though it is much more difficult to kill them with silver weapons.