Difference Between Macaron and Macaroon

Macaron vs Macaroon

Macaron and Macaroon are two confectionary items that are confused by people in many parts of the world. Because they have similar spellings, and the fact that their names have a common Italian origin in the shape of a word called ammaccare leads to more confusion in the minds of people. However, the two types of cookies are not the same and their differences will be highlighted in this article.


Macaron is a confectionary item that is made with sugar, egg whites, almond paste, etc., adding food colors. This is a cookie that in between it often contains a layer of jam or butter cream. Small in size and circular in shape, the cookie is so smooth that it melts into one’s mouth as soon as one eats it. The cookie is crunchy but smooth and almost weightless to make it a huge hit among kids. Macaron can be made in many flavors, but it is the chocolate dipped macaron that is most popular in many parts of the world. The key ingredient in macaron remains meringue, or in other words, paste made with egg whites, sugar, and almonds that have been ground. Macarons look very tempting when made in different colors.


Macaroon is a confectionary item made using shredded coconut and condensed milk. There are also egg white and sugar to turn it into a delicious cookie. Many people use syrup instead of sugar, and some people use any other binder in place of egg whites, but the finished product looks almost the same even with different ingredients. The chief characteristic of a macaroon remains its chewiness and the presence of coconut in its taste. Macaroons remain coconut based all over the world though there is a trend of dipping them in chocolate, in some places.

What is the difference between Macaron and Macaroon?

• Macaron is a meringue based confectionary that is often confused with another type of cookie called macaroon though they have different looks, shapes, and ingredients.

• Macaron is, in fact, two cookies with a sweet layering of jam or butter cream inside. On the other hand, macaroon is a single cookie that has shredded coconut as its main ingredient.

• Almond powder is the main ingredient in macaron whereas it is difficult to imagine a macaroon without coconut.

• Macarons melt away in mouth as they are very smooth whereas macaroons are chewy in taste.

• Macarons are made in different colors whereas macaroons are at best dark brown in color when dipped in chocolate.

• The confusion increases because of the French macaroon that is a variety of macaron.

• Macarons are two biscuits sandwiched together by a creamy base inside whereas macaroon is a single cookie that is coarse in texture but falls apart when you bite into it inside your mouth.