Difference Between Made to Measure and Bespoke

Made to Measure vs Bespoke

If you are into tailoring profession or learning about readymade garments, you must have heard about phrases such as made to measure and bespoke. There is also a third category or phrase called ready to wear that is perhaps the most common of the three fits or measurements. We are all aware of readymade apparels but confuse between Made to Measure and Bespoke. This article attempts to bring out the subtle differences between made to measure and bespoke.


This is a word that refers to a male suit or any other clothing item that has been cut and stitched to fit the individual in the best possible manner. Though it is a generic term that is today applied to many other contexts as well, bespoke, primarily, remains a term used in the world of men’s clothing. Bespoke reflects the highest possible level of customization right from the fabric to the features and the quality of stitching.

To many the term sounds odd as there is a word called ‘bespeak’ that means to speak for something. However, in men’s clothing, this roughly equates to giving order for something to be made in a particular style. While most of the garments used to be bespoke in earlier times, the rise and popularity of ready to wear clothing items has meant that bespoke shirts and suits are today very expensive and rare and cost almost 5 times more than a Made to Measure clothing item. This brings us to the end phrase of this article.

Made to Measure

Made to measure is a clothing item that is believed to have a better fit than the more general ready to wear apparel. Made to measure is actually an attempt to provide a clothing item like a shirt or suit that is tailored to fit an individual customer whereas ready to wear is manufactured on a mass basis to fit an average customer. However, the quality and level of workmanship in a made to measure clothing item is much less than in a bespoke garment. Made to measure provides some control to the buyer but does not give him entire control as is the case with bespoke.

Made to Measure vs Bespoke

• Bespoke reflect a higher level of craftsmanship than made to measure.

• Bespoke clothing is much more expensive than made to measure.

• Made to measure requires a few alterations to pre tailored items whereas all measurements and cuts are done by hand in the case of bespoke garment.

• Bespoke garment has a higher quality than a made to measure garment that is reflected in different aspects of the garment such as lining, waistband, or even the quality of stitching.

• There is a certain level of standardization in made to measure whereas a tailor starts from scratch in the case of a bespoke garment.

• Buyer has a high control over features, fabrics used, and fit in the case of bespoke.