Difference Between Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid

Maid of Honor vs Bridesmaid

It is easy to spot the girl who performs important roles and responsibilities during a wedding and happens to be close to the bride during every ceremony. She is the bridesmaid, the girl chosen by the bride to attend her on the most important day of her life. There can be several bridesmaids during a wedding, but one of them may be the most important, referred to as Maid of Honor. This article attempts to put at rest all confusion regarding the difference between a bridesmaid and maid of honor from the minds of the readers.


Wedding day happens to be the most important day in the life of a young girl. She looks forward to it with excitement and makes many preparations to look attractive on this special day. She is also nervous as she is the centre of attraction on this day. To help and comfort her and to calm her nerves, there has been a tradition of giving this responsibility to another young and unmarried girl form the bride’s party. This girl is called the bridesmaid and is often the closest friend or sister of the bride. She is there to help the bride in all her endeavors during the marriage ceremony so that the bride feels comfortable and is calm and confident. In many marriages, there is not one but several bridesmaids all remaining close to the bride and wearing identical dresses to be easily identified during the ceremony.

Maid of Honor

If there is only one bridesmaid, she is also referred to as the maid of honor. However, when there are several bridesmaids, one of them is more important than the rest and is entrusted with the most important responsibilities during the wedding ceremony. She is the closest friend of the bride or a close relative. She is like a personal attendant picking up the dress and making it easier for the bride at all times. Maid of honor is like an emotional lifeboat for the bride. She listens to the bridle and tries to solve her problems. She makes her laugh and makes sure that she is free from all worries and tensions. Maid of honor is one who is given the responsibility of leading the troupe of bridesmaids. In fact, maid of honor has to direct other bridesmaids towards their duties.

What is the difference between Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid?

• Bridesmaid is also called the maid of honor when there is a single bridesmaid.

• When there are several bridesmaids, the one who is most important is referred to as maid of honor.

• Maid of honor is usually unmarried sister or close friend of the bride. She is called matron of honor when she is a married woman.

• Maid of honor leads the troupe of bridesmaids and makes it easier for the bride at all times during the wedding ceremony.