Difference Between Main and Lead

Main vs Lead

In the world of music, we often hear about main and lead vocalists, singers, and even dancers. This is very confusing for those who are outsiders and do not know anything about the hierarchy in the world of music or the composition of a group of singers or dancers in a musical event or performance. This article takes a closer look at the two terms lead and main to come up with the answers to all the confusion that is there in the minds of the readers.

As the titles ‘main and lead’ imply, it is the most talented or the one who has the best skills in a group of singers and dancers that gets to occupy the position of a lead or the main singer, vocalist, or dancer. However, who occupies the position of the Main vocalist is actually dependent upon the signing skills of the individual. The companies or the managers take a decision about the main vocalist before the actual performance. It is during training that the authorities or the men who are important take the decision about the Main vocalist. However, the role of lead vocalist is not less important in any way as he is usually the second best singer in the group and acts as a backup for the main vocalist in the event of the main vocalist not turning up for the performance because of any reason.

It is the main singer in the group who is given the chance to start a song. This is because he has, undoubtedly, the best voice in the group. Main singer or the vocalist is also given the hardest part of the song because of his singing skills. He can really sing well whether he is required to sing in low notes or very high notes. Lead singer is the second in line to the main singer, and he gets a large part of the song to sing though he is always second to the main singer when it comes to singing the high or low notes.

The same terminology is used for the dancers in a group performance where the main dancer gets to perform hard acts that are solo in nature. He or she is also the one who performs break dancing steps that seem to take the performance to a higher level altogether. Lead dancer is second in line of importance, and though he or she is also under the limelight, she does not get the hardest parts or acts in a dance performance.

What is the difference between Main and Lead?

• Main and lead singers, vocalists, or dancers are usually the best of the group or the lot

• However, it is the main singer or dancer who is given the chance to open the song or performance and also gets a chance to sing or dance the hardest parts of the performance.

• Lead singer or dancer is also very important but is considered second in line to the main singer or dancer.

• However, lead singer is asked to take centre stage if, for any reason, the main singer does not turn up for the performance on the day.