Difference Between Mammal and Marsupial

Mammal vs Marsupial

Mammal and marsupial belong to the same family where the members are warm-blooded, has backbone, air-breathing, has hair or fur and give birth to young live instead of coming from an egg. Furthermore, mammal and marsupial females produce milk for the nourishment of the young.


Mammals are vertebrate animals which possess sweat glands to regulate heat in the body as these creatures are warm-blooded. Mammals have placenta in which the undeveloped offspring is reared and fed with nourishments and is usually inside the “womb” of the females of this class. Mammals “give birth” to young offspring and feed with milk through the mammary glands and this feature defines the classification and difference with other animals.


Marsupials are a sub-class of the mammal family and most of its members can be found in Australia such as the kangaroo, wombats, Tasmanian devils and koala. These animals give birth to a live but undeveloped young which is then placed to a pouch. This pouch is present in marsupials and the undeveloped young are given nourishment and further development takes place in that pouch, outside the mother’s womb.

What is the difference between Mammal and Marsupial

Mammals and marsupials are both mammals who share the similarity in giving birth to young offspring and feeding them with milk. Marsupials give birth to very tiny creature which needs more time to become a fully grown animal inside a pouch which suckles a teat in it while birthing in mammals is a painful process because the youngling is bigger and fully grown. Also, marsupial has two sexual organs, for both male and female, and a pouch while mammal’s only got one and don’t have a pouch. Marsupials, although warm-blooded, have a slightly lower blood temperature than that of mammals.

Both mammals and marsupials are god’s creation, including us humans, so taking care of them is imperative.

Mammal vs Marsupial

• Mammals give birth to a fully developed live young.

• Marsupials give birth to an undeveloped, tiny, live offspring and needs to be placed in a pouch for further development.

• Mammals have only one genitalia while marsupials have two, and a pouch.

• Both have hair, air-breathing, vertebrate, warm-blooded animals and provide nourishment to their young with milk.

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