Difference Between Mammal and Reptile

Mammal vs Reptile

Mammal and reptile have inhabited the earth for millions of years now. Mammals and reptiles are both oxygen-breathing vertebrates that need nourishment for living. Both have the same organ components such as brain, heart, stomach, lungs, among others. Mammals and reptiles are both tetrapods, meaning they both have four limbs.


Mammals are vertebrates that give birth to a live young. Most offspring are not yet able to look for food and need nourishment in the form of milk from its mother’s mammary glands. Mammals have furs or hair and have sweat glands. Furthermore, mammals have a part in the brain called neocortex that regulates body heat. They also have a middle ear and a jaw made from a single bone.


Reptiles are vertebrates and are mostly egg-laying creatures, although there are reptiles that give birth to live young such as viper snakes. Examples of animals that are reptiles are alligators, crocodiles, snakes, lizards and turtles. The eggs of reptiles have a hard outer shell that protects the embryo from outside harm. Most reptiles are carnivorous but their digestion and metabolism is very slow.

Difference between Mammal and Reptile

The main difference between mammals and reptiles is the way they regulate body heat. Mammals can produce body heat while reptiles need external heat source such as the sun. That is why most reptiles will bask in the sun to get warm. Mammals give birth to live young while reptiles lay eggs. The mammal youngling is very dependent to its parents for protection and nourishment while a reptile hatchling doesn’t need any parent in order to live as they can fend for themselves the moment they hatch. Moreover, mammals have hairs and furs while reptiles have scales.

Mammals and reptiles may be different but they can coexist and are very important in a healthy ecosystem.

Mammal vs Reptile

• Mammals give birth to a live offspring.

• Reptiles lay eggs.

• Mammals have furs or hairs while reptiles have scales.

• Mammals need to feed milk to their young while a reptile doesn’t need to as the hatchlings can fend for themselves.

• Mammals are warm-blooded animals while reptiles are cold-blooded creatures.

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