Difference Between Manager and Leader

Manager vs Leader

* A Leader is essential; A Manager is necessary

It is not that easy to differentiate between a manager and a leader. This is because both the words seem to mean one and the same thing. There can still be a great difference between manager and leader.

You would wonder whether managers can be good leaders or leaders can be good managers. A leader is capable of taking the concern or the firm into new levels of growth and development.

A good leader is capable of identifying the potential of the people and is an expert in looking at the future. They are good in tapping talents. A manager on the contrary is adept in control, action and analysis.

Managers are characterized by the factors such as accuracy, calculation, methodology and statistical approach. Hence it can be said that a manager is qualified by the mind. A leader on the contrary is qualified by the spirit.

Leaders have vision and are of spirit. Management is not an art whereas leadership is an art. A leader is certainly a step above a manager. This is because of the fact that a leader is essential whereas a manager is necessary.

Leaders are essential in an organization especially when it is growing by leaps and bounds. This is because the organization would start planning into the future and thinking about various methods of growing. This is the time whey it needs the help of a leader.

In a way it can be said that concerns or firms that look for rapid results need managers whereas organizations that look for growth and development would look for leaders.

In Short:

The difference between manager and leader:

  • Leaders have vision and are of spirit, whereas managers are of the mind.
  • Leaders are essential for an organization, whereas managers are necessary for organization.
  • Leaders look for growth and development, whereas managers look for rapid results.