Difference Between Manchester Terrier and Miniature Pinscher

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher

Since the term pinscher means terrier in German, someone could easily be misled to understand these breeds as a one with different names. However, both physical and mental characteristics of the Manchester terriers and miniature pinschers show some important differences between them. They have been originated in different countries for different purposes, and there are many interesting variations between them as discussed in this article.

Manchester Terrier

Manchester terrier is an important member of the terrier family since they are being respected as descendants of the oldest terrier breed. Manchester terrier has been developed from the Black and Tan terriers in England and was later introduced to The United States in the 20th century. There are two categories of this breed based on the weight; known as the Toy and Standard. Toy category includes the lightweight line, which should not weigh more than 12 pounds (5.4 kilograms); the Standard category Manchester terriers weigh more than 12 pounds but never go beyond 22 pounds (10 kilograms). The American Kennel Club recognized the two categories in 1886 and 1887 for Toy and Standard respectively. The Manchester terriers have a smooth and shiny coat with predominantly black colour, but the rich mahogany markings should not be forgotten. The wedge shaped head is long with almond-shaped sparkling eyes, which presents an alert appearance. The body is compact so that their high agility and strength could be understood. Manchester terriers love to play around others including other dog breeds, as well. Despite their agility and the lack of shyness, they are not aggressive but very friendly. In fact, it would be a fault of the breed if they become unfriendly with the owner according to the breed standards.

Miniature Pinscher

Miniature pinscher is a very interesting dog breed with many noticeable characteristics. The common usage describes this breed as the King of the Toys due to their high agility and the tininess of the body. Their miniature body only measures about 10 – 12.5 inches and the weight ranges around 8 – 10 pounds. These small and lightweight animals have a smooth and short coat, which could be of few colouration patterns. The accepted colourations of miniature pinschers are black, red, blue, chocolate, and fawn. Additionally, there could be a couple of red varieties such as stag red, blue stag red, chocolate stag red, fawn stag red, and solid red. Miniature pinschers were originated in Germany few centuries ago as a result of the cross breeding of dachshund and Italian Greyhound with the collaboration of German pinschers. With the inheritance of dominant characteristics, miniature pinschers possess a strong character that is mixed with assertiveness and alertness. Therefore, it might be dangerous for small children to play with these dogs. However, miniature pinschers are excellent watchdogs that scare the strangers away.

Manchester Terrier vs Miniature Pinscher

• Manchester terriers were originated in England, but miniature pinschers were developed in Germany.

• Manchester terriers are of two categories known as Toy and Standard, whereas miniature pinschers fall in only the Toy category.

• Temperaments of the two are very different, as the Manchester terriers being friendly and docile while the miniature pinschers being unfriendly and dominant.

• Colour variations are present among miniature pinschers while Manchester terriers come in only black with tan colourations.

• Miniature pinschers were specifically bred as ratters, whereas Manchester terriers were bred to capture small game.