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Difference Between Mannerism and Baroque Art

Mannerism vs Baroque Art

Mannerism and Baroque Art are artistic styles that were once very popular in Early Europe. These were named by famous Art historians. These two have established rules on how they are made depending on the texture, paint, color, perspective and ideas.


This is derived from the Italian word, maniera, which means “manner,” or “style.” Mannerism, in terms of being a stylistic label, was gradually noticed by some. This was used by Jacob Burkhardt (Swiss historian) and made famous by German historians (art) in the early twentieth century. They categorized the apparently hard to categorize art of the 16th in Italy. This kind of art does not exhibit the rational and harmonious approaches affiliated with High Renaissance.

Baroque Art

According to the Oxford Dictionary, this term came from the Spanish and Portuguese “barocco,” “Baroque or French term, “baroque.” These words mean an “imperfect or rough pearl.” This word was applied to the stylistic designations in the seventieth and early eighteenth century. This is a French transliteration of its Portuguese expression, “perola barocca,” meaning “irregular pearl.” This word was used to portray its noisy abundance and eccentric redundancy.

Difference between Mannerism and Baroque Art

Mannerism paintings don’t have any focal point, figures or humans are characterized by twisting and bending, elastic elongations of the figure’s limb, exaggerations, bizarre and graceful posturing of each hand, with a rendering head. Furthermore, bright palette is commonly used. As for Baroque paintings, it depicts the drama, and luxury, they tell a story and the common settings of their paintings are during the climax where the action happens most. The use of Mannerism in literature can be identified by having metaphysical qualities by Baroque literature use allegory and metaphor in their works.

Mannerism and Baroque art are very well-known on each of their time periods. They have been followed by most historians and how they made a name in the European period. They still make a noise in these contemporary times.

In brief:

• Mannerism and Baroque are artistic styles that were once very popular in Early Europe.

• Mannerism is derived from the Italian word, maniera, which means “manner,” or “style.”

• According to the Oxford Dictionary, Baroque art came from the the Spanish and Portuguese “barocco.”


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