Difference Between Manufacturers Guarantee and Warranty

Manufacturers Guarantee vs Warranty

Manufacture guarantee and warranty are terms we hear when purchasing new items. The concept of guarantee is very old in selling products and services and is virtually promises about the quality of the product to the consumer. They are vital to safeguard the interests of the consumers. People in general feel comfortable when they find a guarantee for a specified time period with a product or service as they are sure of getting the item replaced free of cost inside the guarantee period if it develops a snag. However, people get confused by the use of the word warranty as they feel that it is somewhat a diluted version of guarantee. Let us find out the differences between a guarantee and a warrantee to make the readers better informed.


It is a document that you get on purchase of an item. It states a promise made by the manufacturer for the replacement of the product if it develops some snag in a fixed time period after purchase. Guarantee has a legal status and consumer can get it using a court of law whether he paid for it or got it free of cost along with the product. Guarantee is normally given by manufacturers only.


It is also a document to protect the rights of the consumers. It is more or less like an insurance policy that we purchase for products. It is normally issued by distributors and retailers and covers for the repair costs of the snag developed by products. Warranty is also limited in nature as it is applicable for a specified time period only.

Some people feel that a guarantee is always better than a warrantee but what use is a guarantee of 10 years if you find that the company is out of business after 4-5 years and you are facing problem with the product? On the other hand, a warranty, coming from the seller is more useful as you can get your product repaired free of cost within the warranty period. However, with a guarantee you get a replacement of the product, but in the case of warranty, you only get a repair of the faulty product.


• Both guarantee and warranty are documents that intend to safeguard the rights of consumers

• Guarantee is issued by manufacturers while warranty is issued by sellers and distributors

• In a guarantee, you can either get your money back or get the item replaced but in the case of warranty, the item is only repaired free of cost and not replaced