Difference Between Marble and Granite

Marble vs Granite

Marble and granite are types of stones that are used for flooring and kitchen countertops allover the world producing stunning and elegant results. While both commonly serve same purpose, there is a difference between marble and granite. The difference lies in their formation thousands of years ago beneath the surface of the earths crust. The have different looks and have vastly different structural properties making them suitable for use in different environments. This article intends to highlight the differences between the two so that anyone who needs either of the two makes a better and informed choice.


Granite is an igneous rock which implies that it was formed from molten magma that slowly cooled down over a period of time. It consists of various minerals such as quartz, mica and feldspar etc. Apart from lowering of temperature, the magma also withstands thousands of years of heavy pressure which results in a material that is extremely hard, scratch resistant and very durable. This stone is called granite. There is a variation in the percentage of minerals contained in different types of granite giving it various colors. This is why granite is found in black color but also available in grained type with presence of streaks of other colors.


The conditions of heat and pressure also work in the case of marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed thousands of years ago. Instead of liquid molten magma, it is limestone that gives way to marble. Because of extreme pressure and passage of time, the structure of limestone undergoes a change and its transformation takes place which is a process called recrystallization. Limestone morphs into a rock that we call marble. Marble gets its color because of various impurities that get added during the formation of marble. One unique feature of marble, as far as its physical appearance is concerned is the presence of veins.

Difference between Marble and Granite

Now that you know the basic difference between the two rocks, let us look at their other differences.

Both marble and granite are used to make floors and countertops in kitchens and they indeed look stunning to say the least, granite is more durable of the two and is also scratch and stain resistant while marble loses its sheen in environments where floor cleaners are used containing chemicals. Many foods and drinks leave stains on flooring which looks bad if it is made of marble. But granite, being scratch and stain resistant stays just as new for a longer time. This simply means that food and drink spills must be quickly cleaned if you have marble flooring. It is possible to seal granite flooring making it water resistant. Because of these features, granite is costlier of the two.

However, marble looks just as attractive and in fact it looks more stylish when used in bathrooms where its veining patterns make for an exquisite design. The only precaution to be taken in case of marble is to prevent stains from acidic materials.


• Both marble and granite are naturally found rocks.

• While granite is an igneous rock formed from molten magma, marble is a metamorphic rock made form limestone because of extreme heat and high pressures.

• Granite is harder of the two and also more durable.

• Granite is scratch and stain resistant while marble is not.