Difference Between Mayo and Miracle Whip

Mayo vs Miracle Whip

Mayo (mayonnaise) and miracle whip are known as dressings, one can use either of them as salad dressing or as a sandwich spread. Both are generally made from egg yolk, oil and lemon juice although the last one can be replaced with vinegar.


Mayo is the abbreviation for mayonnaise, a dressing which is usually thick and is white in color. The basic ingredients and recipes of mayo are already widely known, so a lot of companies produce and sell this. As years pass by, variations to the original recipe was done from the choice of whether to use only the egg’s yolks or include the egg whites and adding more ingredients .

Miracle Whip

On the other hand, Miracle Whip is both a spread and a salad dressing sold under the banner of Kraft Foods. It came as a big hit due to its sweetness and added ingredients. Miracle Whip has a trademark, so regardless if other companies are able to produce something like it, whether it tastes and look exactly like the Miracle Whip, they can not call it as that.

Difference between Mayo and Miracle Whip

If you think about it,there is not much difference between a mayo and the Miracle whip. They have the same basic ingredients however mayonnaise is actually a broader term for the dressing, while Miracle Whip is a brand. Generally, Miracle Whip is sweeter compared to the regular mayo. There are also ingredients that Miracle Whip’s manufacturer added unto it, to give it a taste distinctive to that of plain mayo. There are also variations in Miracle Whips, there is one which is said to have a lower cholesterol level than the regular mayo.

Mayo is a more generic term, Miracle Whip is basically a brand of dressing. These two may look the same, but people usually claim that the latter tastes sweeter.

In brief:

• Mayo is a broader term while Miracle Whip is a specific brand.

• Compared to mayo, Miracle Whip is sweeter.

• Mayo can be produced by any company or even at home, but Miracle Whip has a trademark, it can only be produced and claimed by Kraft Foods.